1. I still fail to understand what would cause so many people to spend so much on a cup of coffee.

    Its not just in Saudi. Starbucks in the United States are constantly flooded with people, looking for a quick fix. In NYC where I spent a summer, visiting the Starbucks down the street in the morning was practically a religion.

    In the west, of course, this cup of coffee gets you going and working hard the rest of the morning. It’s strange to see Saudis do the same things as imitators without the motivation to actually improving their work ethic. 😛

    • saudislike

      Hey NidalM,
      Ironically some people drink their cup of coffee in order to relax and chill, rather than working hard.
      Thanks for reading,

    • saudislike

      I am glad that you liked my post.. I think I should buy me a coffee roaster too, it will save me a lot of money in the long run.

  2. student@ksa

    The only reason i go to Starbucks in Saudi is because it is the only place i can enjoy proper customer service.. i’ve a foreigner studying in saudi, i am from a modern country in Asia.. and thus far, all i can say about the services in Saudi be it mobile, internet, airport, cabs .. it’s 3rd world… sad to say but true. The saudi youths (syababs) are a bunch of wannabes, self indulging hooligans, who go all out to dress up, handling fancy gadgets and listening to western music but is no where near the civilised way of the western world. I’ve been to west countless times and despite their youths (in the west) modernity, i’ve never seen them making fun of foreigners… acting like ‘the world is mine’! They should learn english like you dude, and see the world beyond their satellite TV.

    • saudislike

      Welcome to my blog student @ksa
      Regarding your reference to young Saudis, well as the cliche phrase say ” in every society there is the good and the bad”. It’s really unfair to judge a whole society based on bunch of ignorant guys.

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