# 18 Mohamed Abdo

Mohmed_AbdoFrom the days when the legendary singer was rocking the mini Afro until today, Mohamed Abdo is considered one of the top singers in the kingdom.   Abdo’s fan base is from all over the middle east; therefore, Abdo was named the artist of all Arabs (Fnan Al-Arab). Abdo’s unique style in music gave youngsters inspirational motives to sing like him, and lead many of them to follow in his foot steps.
Some Saudis consider Mohamed Abdo the only true singer in Saudi, who “keeps it real” and never tries to come up with a different look or style in music in order to compete with the new hip singers…he is the real deal.  There is no doubt people love his songs and voice, but what amazes people with the legendary singer is his ability to stand on stage for 10 hours straight without rest…and kids complain about the morning exercise in school!
From singing loudly in the shower to singing while driving, Mohamed Abdo’s fans know all the lyrics of his songs word for word.  Fans like to relate Abdo’s songs with their lives, as if he’s  singing especially for them.  If you want to see Saudis going wild, watch one of Mohamed Abdo’s concerts.   Saudis like to dance to his music ninja style (wrapping their face with the Saudi head cover “Shomag”, and eyes are the only thing showing), jumping all over the place, throwing their hands in air acting like they don’t care.

One thought on “# 18 Mohamed Abdo

  1. throwing their hands in the air acting like they don’t care LOL you crack me UP xD
    I really adore abo norah, and it’s true … sometimes I feel like he is speaking to me just like the beatles, and the Jason Mraz 😛 🙂

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