1. Maysoon

    Wait just a minute here…are Saudis to you only males?! How about females?! Well…what about us poor females, don’t we have something here to spice up your project?
    Get to it…this your homework 🙂

    • saudislike

      Hello Maysoon,
      It’s been a while since you commented on one of my posts. About my “project” being targeting only Saudi males, well.. I don’t think so, some of my posts; Saudi females can relate to. But inshalla I will do my best to mentioned specific stuff that female Saudis like.

      Thanks for reading,

  2. DW

    I just want to loose that little hump I have down my belly =(

    I really find it weird when I see a person so buffed up that his arms cannot be relaxed without standing on his biceps.

    Can you write something about segregation or “no singles” or Family only.. the same subject scope seems like something Saudis are fond of. Its a miserable state of affairs when I cannot have a trios sandwich from Al Othaim mall on Wednesday afternoons at my lunch break.. I love those sandwiches.. I just cannot afford to take an extra time to lunch but Wednesday =(

    Damn you Othaim Mall!

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