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Mohmed_AbdoFrom the days when the legendary singer was rocking the mini Afro until today, Mohamed Abdo is considered one of the top singers in the kingdom.   Abdo’s fan base is from all over the middle east; therefore, Abdo was named the artist of all Arabs (Fnan Al-Arab). Abdo’s unique style in music gave youngsters inspirational motives to sing like him, and lead many of them to follow in his foot steps.

Some Saudis consider Mohamed Abdo the only true singer in Saudi, who “keeps it real” and never tries to come up with a different look or style in music in order to compete with the new hip singers…he is the real deal.  There is no doubt people love his songs and voice, but what amazes people with the legendary singer is his ability to stand on stage for 10 hours straight without rest…and kids complain about the morning exercise in school!

From singing loudly in the shower to singing while driving, Mohamed Abdo’s fans know all the lyrics of his songs word for word.  Fans like to relate Abdo’s songs with their lives, as if he’s  singing especially for them.  If you want to see Saudis going wild, watch one of Mohamed Abdo’s concerts.   Saudis like to dance to his music ninja style (wrapping their face with the Saudi head cover “Shomag”, and eyes are the only thing showing), jumping all over the place, throwing their hands in air acting like they don’t care.

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teaTea is the magical drink that can  solve day to day problems and melt stress away.  For years Saudis and tea have been sharing a long term relationship.  Sometimes it’s sweet, other times it’s not so sweet…just like any other relationship.

It used to be that you can pick from two kinds of tea, green or red.  Saudis can now enjoy their cup of tea in any color or form.  Nowadays, tea lovers are lucky with tremendous variety that they can choose from.  There is red to green to black, to some weird tea that some how turns into a flower when you put it inside the tea pot.

For Saudis who like to start their day with a smooth warm “homey” sensation, tea with milk is the perfect combination.  During the afternoon, Saudis make sure to schedule their tea time after lunch.  Quality time can’t be completed without the perfect cup of tea.  Red and green tea are normally the kind of teas Saudis like to serve in the afternoon in order to saitisfy newspaper readers & conversation starters and to satisfy laid back health conscience people.   Saudis who like to try new things and always claim that they get their tea straight from either Japan or China, usually prefer their cup of tea with some flower scent…and why not with actual flower in it?

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Fitness centers and public gyms have  become increasingly popular destinations among Saudis more than ever.  With the grand opening of the famous chain;  Gold’s Gym, working out is “so in” right now- it is the new black.

Saudis have been living the same lifestyle for years; especially generation “Y”,  from  playing  soccer to just driving around the city, it gets old after awhile.  Therefore, a lot of guys are starting to become addicted with this new working out movement, they just want something different.  The only issue that can face Saudi guys with working out is commitment, and you know how guys just want to get buff as soon as possible, and start benching 300 lb from the first day.

Two months will pass by and you check your self in front of the mirror and no progress, then your conscience will start telling you to forget about it.  Guys will take supplements, even if it’s bird’s milk…they will just drink anything  just to try to get bigger ASAP.  Many people who work out will tell you that they do it to be healthy and to be in good shape.  Well come on now….Saudis love attention and especially if it’s coming from the opposite sex.   Any method that can boost confidence more and more, is always welcome.  The workout journey comes to an end after joining a new club called marriage…then the fitness club membership will be gone with the wind.

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turkish2Latin soap operas or I should say “Mexican” series were once one of the top shows in any Saudi household, until Turkish series were introduced to Saudis.  Watching Turkish series became one of the activities that some Saudis have to invest their time and include it in their schedule in order to watch it. The popularity of  those Turkish series can be explained in two reasons.  First, some of the stories can be interesting and entertaining, which makes you glued to the TV screen.  The other reason is, the actors who are playing those characters  can be interesting, wink..wink.

From Mohnad to Lamees to Noor and so on, they became conversational topics in homes, cafes, or any other place that people can discuss and talk about, and try to figure out what is going to happen in the next episode. It is diffcult to watch those type of shows not from the beginning and trying to figure out what’s going on in the middle of a storyline; therefore, you have to find one of the true fans that know every single charcter in the show by the name, and let him or her explain everything to you.  Look for that person who set his/her cell phone ring tone as the intro song of one those shows, and trust me that is the person who you need to ask.

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