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smoking cigaretteIt’s well known that when you start a habit when you’re young;  it is really hard to get over it.  A lot of Saudis start smoking at a young age, usually their first experiment with cigarettes will be with their peers in schools.  From hiding in school’s  restrooms to standing behind buildings, smoke comes out from every part of  the schools.   Most teenagers who smoke carry pack of cigarettes in one pocket and a bottle of cologne in the other.   No matter how much you wear cologne or drink half of the bottle, in the end parents always find out that you smoke.

Every year the price of cigarettes go up, but that doesn’t matter.   Saudis will put down money and finance a pack of cigarette, in order to get the nicotine in their system.  It’s the illusion of the cool image that is associated with cigarette, makes Saudis want to smoke. Watch any Saudi smoke, from the way he holds the cigarette to the way he blows the smoke, as if he is in a Hollywood movie that is playing in a slow motion.

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shopping_1Can’t call them shopaholics, but Saudis simply love to shop or have to shop with not even knowing it. Well, since there is a shopping mall between two malls in every corner of  Saudi, you can’t blame people from buying things they don’t need. As a part of boosting the economic plan, the Saudi government builds a mall for every citizen in the country. Ironically, every mall has almost the exact same stores, therefore, Saudis don’t have to drive far to find a certain store, they just can go to the closest mall and find whatever they need. A normal scene in a shopping mall is that, every single member of a Saudi family will be carrying at least ten shopping bags, it  seems as though they had just robbed a bunch of stores.. From electronics to clothes, people will buy anything that has a price tag on it. Another “must have” for Saudis, are cars…yes cars are a must in any household for transportation, but for Saudis cars are luxurious items. Usually, Saudis own more than one car. A car for the man of the house, another for the “Madam” that comes with a driver as a part of the package, and finally of course who can forget the kids, one for each boy.



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