1. Maysoon

    Sir, I’ve read your article. And I think while it holds some truth, this truth is connected to two main seasons or periods; the hot summers and Ramadan, and only in some major cities. The country is more than those cities.

    I believe you’ve not been objective. Not only you showed all the Saudi’s as lazy, money spending, couch potatoes, and worse connected their image to drakulas, you’ve also made them look like an unproductive society! And that ,sir, is unfair!

    Best Regards
    Maysoon A. Dakhiel

    • saudislike

      Hello Maysoon,
      Al-salam alykoum. Thank you for your insight & opinions.
      I am a proud Saudi whose main purpose is to entertain with this blog…not to offend. Please do not take this blog as disrespect of our culture. .As I said in my “About” page section, this blog is for humorous purposes only based on personal experience and doesn’t reflect all of Saudi society, just look at it in true “Tash ma Tash” fashion.

      Thanks for reading…

      Peace and Ramadan mubarak.

  2. Maysoon

    Well hello back to you sir.
    Wa-alykum Al-salm. Please excuse me for it was my mistake for going to the begining and check a little further about the blog owner. So I humbly apologize.
    And come to think of it, when looking at it from this prospective it’s really funny.



  3. Maysoon

    for not going to the begining….
    my mind is faster than my hands when I type some words seem to just disapear 🙁 sorry

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