# 12 Customized License Plates

lisence_plateSaudis like to follow one of the most poplure expressions which is, ” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but by his license plate”. Apprently, socitey will categorize you based on the metal plate that is hanging from your car. People will set up auctions to sell those license plates, and if you hear the amount of money that Saudis are paying, you think they are buying a brand new car with the license plate!   Saudis will spend every penny that they got just to come up with the lamset phrases on their license plates.  The more those phrases has sexual meaning, the more streets credit the owners will get. For example, license plates that has SEX, LUV, or ASS can raise the standard bar of your car, even if you are driving an old 1980 Toyota Corolla. The love of being unique make Saudis strive to get customized license plate, therefore, don’t be surprised if you saw Saudis hanging their license plate on their chest like a chain and walking around with it.   By the end of the year of 2010, any phrase on a license plate that you can think about eventually you will see it on Saudi streets.

# 11 Wearing Heavy Cologne and Perfumes

fragranceSaudis like to take a shower with… I mean wear fragrances for every occasion, and in a very intense amount. Going out to meet friends, attending family events, in general from the moment Saudis wake up wearing strong fragrance is part of the life style.  I am not saying is bad…but when all types of fragrances clash together, it will create an explosion of smell that can suffocate the surroundings and give you a headache!
If you look at it in an economical prospective, it is good for businesses to sell their fragrances and increase their profit in no time…especially when some Saudis finish a brand new bottle in two days. You may wounder, ” Do Saudis really smell bad to wear heavy amount of fragrances?”   Well, trust me; that’s not the issue. Saudi men keep bottles of cologne in their car’s glove box, just in case they came out from a restaurant or trying to cover the smell of cigarettes for any reason. In addition, men like to mark their territory by spreading their fragrance where ever they go. When it comes to Saudi women, you know it’s all about competition, therefore, women will wear more than one type fragrance at the same time. All I can say is “moderation in anything you do, will be the best approach”.

# 10 Sleeping During the Day/ Awake All Night

sleepingNope, Saudis are not vampires…but it seems like they have the same life style minus the blood sucking. Due to the hot weather in Saudi Arabia; people prefer to go out at night where is much cooler and start their “day” at 9 pm. For people who eat lunch between 4 pm to 6 pm, then Saudi dinner must be at least at midnight; therefore Saudis will stay after dinner Chit-chatting, playing cards until they digest their food, then they will go to sleep.
But you may ask, “What about those Saudis who work during the day?”   Well, after work they will come back and take a long nap until the night, then be awake all night.  It seems like some Saudis like to live their lives backwards.
So if you decide to go out  in the afternoon, don’t think that people have evacuated the country, just pass by neighborhoods and listen to Saudis snoring. Go out at midnight to shopping malls or pass by the beach, and you will think that is just 7 pm where people are active and driving around the city. So when you ask a Saudi when are you heading to bed?  The answer will be when the sun comes up.