# 7 Online Chat

chatFrom MSN messenger to Skype; Saudis have it all…these programs are a must in Desktops, laptops, PDAs, and cell phones. Online chatting is the number one time killer among teenagers and Saudis who think they are still teenagers, especially if they are chatting with the opposite sex. I feel sorry for those  parents who think that their kids are computer prodigies;  seeing them in front of the computer for 24 hours a day, thinking that they are going to be the next Bill Gates and come up with a Saudi version of Microsoft Windows. What parents don’t know is that, their kids are trying to meet every single person out there through the World Wide Web.
Since it’s difficult for young boys to interact with the opposite sex due to the strict regulations. Boys will search online for any female nicknames that look like or might be a female nickname, and hoping for a positive response. The whole online world and cyber interaction can escalate to the next level, and don’t be surprise if two people set up a date or so through the internet, and end up  married and live happy ever after…

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